Monday, August 11, 2014

In Surprise Move, Maricich Endoses Pre-Pre Market

In a surprise move, Bob Maricich, CEO of International Market Centers has announced the creation of a pre-pre market starting in 2015. While dates have yet to be finalized, sources close to Maricich say there's a possibility pre-pre April market could be held prior to the previous year's October market with pre-market held a day or even several hours before the opening of the market.  "We believe the state of North Carolina needs to come to the table with some sort of funding for this innovative idea and what promises to be a vibrant event" said Maricich.  The furniture industry continues to struggle with aligning overwhelming demand with supply which is seen as the driving factor behind the announcement. "A solid week in High Point just isn't enough in today's connected world" commented Maricich who according to reports is also considering a post pre pre-market to bring retailers back into High Point for feedback. The International Market Center initiative is being marketed via social media under it's twitter account with  #supportprepremarket.

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